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Director, Master of Science in Architecture, Research Practices
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Renee Cheng


  • Emerging technologies (BIM, Digital Fabrication, Lean Processes) and their effect on the practice of architecture
  • Application of Virtual Reality in architectural design processes and user feedback
  • Integrated Project Delivery and related collaborative methods


Her research involves documenting case studies of buildings that integrate design with emerging technologies. Her current work in Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is published by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and new research on collaborative projects by the General Services Administration (GSA) has just begun. Previously, she tracked case studies focusing on how innovative technology drives change in both design and construction processes.

"While I direct the program and have some involvement with all of the projects, I appreciate the chance to serve as faculty advisor on projects that relate to my research interests. The opportunity to work directly with firm leaders and students provides me perspective that is often quite different than an academic point of view.

I've been advisor on one of the longest running research projects which has been fortunate to have three different students over the course of five semesters. The work will significantly advance the industry's understanding of project delivery and team dynamics. Most research takes a snapshot of a project team, our research is more like a "live lab" tracking about two dozen projects with bi-weekly surveys and interviews to understand the teams' shifting dynamics.

A lot of attention has been paid to the fact that, for qualified students, the program leads to licensure upon graduation. However, I believe the most remarkable parts of the program are the shift to a research culture and the chance for the students to demonstrate leadership. Along the way, the students reach licensure."

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