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1 pm, November 21, 2017

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4 pm, January 10, 2013

225 Rapson Hall, 89 Church Street SE

The University of Minnesota College of Design and School of Architecture are establishing the Consortium for Research Practices to advance the state of research in the discipline of architecture. In conjunction with the Consortium, the School is also developing a new concentration in Research Practices within their Master of Science in Architecture degree (MS-RP). One of the program goals is for students to complete the registration exam and for qualified students to achieve licensure upon graduation with the MS-RP – halving the current mean time to licensure.

Membership in the Consortium provides access to faculty expertise and shared research data developed by University students and the Consortium members. The Consortium also provides a platform that facilitates University faculty and students enrolled in the MS-RP to gain experience in NCARB’s Intern Development Program (IDP) working with professional design offices, non-profits, and other entities on challenging design projects.

Consortium members will benefit from shared information and collaboratively developed consortium-wide research goals regardless of their level of participation in the internship program. Internship has two complementary but independent components: a research internship for academic credit and a paid internship with a Consortium member.

You are invited to attend an informational meeting open to anyone interested in learning more about this novel approach, which connects academic with professional research while promoting licensure upon graduation of the advanced degree.  Prospective MS-RP students and prospective Consortium partners are particularly encouraged to attend.

In addition to the Consortium overview, there will be a demonstration of the virtual reality design lab (VRDL). The Consortium is not exclusively linked to the VRDL, however we expect that the School’s immersive virtual reality expertise will enrich specific Consortium goals and projects.



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