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The School of Architecture formed the Research Practices Consortium to advance the level of research in architecture. By creating a model of “Research Practices”, the School nudges the profession towards true culture change, one that expects students can be licensed upon graduation, regardless of their final career choices. This change extends to architectural firms and the building industry, transforming its culture to share knowledge in the effort to collaboratively tackle the serious “wicked problems” affecting the built environment.

Consortium-wide Goals

  • increase diversity in the building industry through support of women and minorities in the program, advancing them through the program's unique structure connecting students with firm leaders with shared research goals
  • advance building industry by reducing waste, improving outcomes and demonstrating value of design
  • fully integrate education, practice and research
  • support better prepared leaders for the profession
  • build a knowledge base as a professional resource to broaden and deepen expertise

Consortium Members

  • expand capacity for research that is practice-based and use-inspired
  • collaborate in developing case studies documenting best practices and new models
  • sharpen regional competitiveness

Students / Interns

  • focus within a structured path to internship, examination and licensure
  • assume role in the profession as conduits for knowledge exchange
  • develop leadership skills for future-oriented practice-based research
  • gain specific skills in navigating intercultural issues inherent to interdisciplinary projects and evolving firm cultures

Faculty / School / College / University

  • advance value of academic architecture in the discipline
  • establish leading model of education/practice/research integration
  • develop collaborative interdisciplinary education / practice / research in the University

Consortium for Research Practices
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