Human Factors College of Design




  • answer relevant research questions that are beyond the time and capacity of firms
  • access to faculty expertise and faculty research
  • access to highly qualified students matched to individual firm
  • access to school / college / university research materials and resources (varies)
  • access to consortium database exclusive to members
  • access to research results presented at exclusive consortium meetings
  • citations in publications
  • 6 hours per year of Continuing Education / AIA Learning Units (LU)


  • research capacity within the firm is expanded
  • research results apply to projects with direct benefit to clients
  • connection to University can lead to consultation, collaborative grants or projects
  • eligibility for collaborative grants requiring full-time academic participants
  • connection to University has marketing value, plus promotion by University
  • collaboratively built database broadens and deepens expertise
  • network of consortium creates business opportunities



  • 225 hrs* of AXP in experience setting A or O during academic year (Practice Internship)
  • 150 hrs** of AXP in experience setting S per academic year (Research Internship)
  • 600 hrs* of AXP in experience setting A or O per summer
  • 930 hrs** of AXP in experience setting S for advanced degree
  • Stipend and salary similar to Research Assistant position stipend and tuition reduction
  • Fellowship opportunities exclusive to MS-RP including tuition, AREĀ® fees, etc.
  • ARE instruction customized for MS-RP, sections taken in structured cohort

* students' individual hours may vary

** not applicable for the states which have adopted the 3740 hour requirement and revised AXP terms


  • potential to complete AXP and AREĀ® and reduce time to licensure
  • relationship with faculty members’ research
  • high quality office experience in a challenging job market
  • opportunity for leadership, substantively contributing to firm and to consortium



  • honorarium for advising on research project
  • 6 hours per year of Continuing Education / AIA Learning Units (LU)


  • opportunity to work on relevant and compelling research topics
  • potential for research grants, papers and presentations based on work
  • connection to firm leading to future consultation, collaborative grants or projects
  • expansion of knowledge relevant to current and future professional practices



Building Industry

  • creates robust knowledge loop between education and practice through research
  • defines industry-wide practice-based research road map for the future
  • sets collective agenda and priorities to address greatest challenges facing industry and society
  • advances diversity and equity in the industry by placing women and people of color in a strong network connected to industry research priorities
  • establishes elevated industry standards as case-based, evidence based, performance-based
  • transforms industry culture as collaborative, integrated, shared, trusting
  • communicates greatest value of architects to clients, other disciplines and the public
Consortium for Research Practices
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